Womens Shirts From the Golden Age of Pop Culture

Remember those classic TV series, films and albums from back in the day? When jeans were tight, shoes were bright and rock was a lot younger than it is now? So, apparently, some of the world’s modern t shirt companies (thank goodness), have finally and collectively realised that Something Must Be Done about the appalling logo heavy fashion that has been sweeping, nay dirtying the streets for the last 10 years. Womens shirts should be about fun; style; and stupidly quotable movies – not giant gold words that don’t mean anything. Praise whoever you should be inclined to praise: fashion is back. Finally. And it doesn’t mean carrying incomprehensible slogans all over your chest in eight foot letters made of fake metal. Well, not unless the slogan comes out of a song or something.  Mad Max Stranger Things 3 shirt

Here’s the thing: back in the day, fashion was all about being original. About making a statement about one’s individuality. So far so awesome. Then along came the corporate fat cats and before anyone could say “crew neck”, womens shirts (and men’s, for that matter) had been standardised with these horrible things called logos. A logo, of course, is about as individual and original as a reality TV show: if everyone is wearing exactly the same thing, how can anyone be making a statement about anything at all?

Sadly, no one seemed either to notice or care – and the once vibrant world of casual threads became a kind of cartoon version of office wear. Being “dressed down” no longer meant wearing whatever the heck you wanted and feeling awesome about it: it meant exchanging the uniform of a working day for the uniform of a weekend. Just as regimented and boring, in its way. More so, really – at least working clothes are supposed to be dull. Womens shirts, once things of multi hued beauty proclaiming allegiance to various bands and films and things, became as staid and conformist as the ubiquitous polo shirt did for the men.

Now, finally, someone has had a reaction. Enough has been declared enough – and the women’s shirt is back where it belongs – celebrating the colourful craziness of the last 30 years of popular culture (minus the decade we’ve just, fashion speaking at least, had to endure). Once again, the high street, the catwalk, bars and clubs are finding womens shirts that actually say things – shirts that say “look at me, I’m into this band, or that movie”. Those are the kinds of statements that really are fashion statements – where a person is able to use something she wears to give a clue as to the kind of personality she has, the things she enjoys and the places she likes to go. When a girl can wear a tee with the head of a famous rock star on it, or the poster art for a classic film, then she knows she can show the world a part of who she is. Not just the logo of the people who made her shirt. No – womens shirts are finally back where they belong. Sit up and take notice.