Why do you need VPN for Windows 10?

The size of internet world has increased with the timepassing and in today the modern era, we need to take our internet privacy and security as a serious issue, as it is our right. Like any other device that we use for online purposes such as mobile devices or laptops and even desktop we need to make sure they are secure as they may have sensitive and personal data that must remain secure.

Whether you use windows 10 or windows 7 and Windows VPN connection even MAC, the use of VPN has become essential and reasons are many. VPN connection helps you by providing you with a securetunnel for the flow of information and data. They secure the tunnel by encrypting the data from one end to the other for example if you want to share some file to your friend or colleague at the office VPN creates an encrypted connection between you and the host (to whom you are sending the file).

Data Encryption:

There are different technologies VPN providers uses to encrypt some high end VPN’s such as CASVPN use AES 265 encryption technology that is very strong and helps combat against hackers, data sniffing websites and data vampires all of whom tries to intrude into your Windows 10 system and steal data for all sort of purposes.

Hide IP address and Location:

VPN also hides the IP addresses and location as you can use any server you want from their list of server they offer. This helps you become anonymous online as other ISPs cannot detect your IP address and location keeping you secure and hidden  and also allow you access any sites around the world with no restrictions.


The firewall protection system that CASVPN offers, scans all the traffic outgoing and incoming traffic in to your Windows 10 system also eliminate any threats possible before they even reach you.

Intrusion Prevention System (IPS):

VPN that has the IPS (Intrusion Prevention System) provide you with security against malicious cookies, hackers and compromised websites, etc. IPS meddleswith a user’s system and traffic flow but CASVPN IPS protection system fend them away as they cannot encrypt the data and cannot detect your online activities.


Wi-Fi/Hotspot Security require VPN for Windows 10

A combination of Windows 10 and CASVPN, helps you keep yourself secure that it will encrypt the transmitted informationbefore it gets in touch free Wi-Fi or Wi-Fi hotspots. This way you can use your computer at public places knowing your system is secure.

Secure Browsing and privacy:

CASVPN also has the zero DNS leaks and kill switch along with the dynamic IP system that protect your data from government, hackers and data snooping websites this way you can enjoy the privacy and engage in financial services such as internet backing with peace of mind.