Two Amazing Ways to Search For Specific Tweets on Twitter

Finding Tweets By Date
To search for the word “election” you may get some tweets approximately the U.S. President Barack Obama’s election but you may no longer see real tweets approximately that difficulty nowadays because it’s miles an vintage topic. Although you may take the time to surely click on the “older” hyperlink at the lowest of the page, I could take days to find applicable facts Search Old Tweets.
The hassle is that the election began before January 20,2009 and since Twitter arranges its posts chronologically, the tweets are far too antique to reveal up. To restoration this issue, you can specify the tweet dates which you want to look in the search result. You also can specify a start and cease date.
Follow these steps to search for tweets in accordance to this point the use of the Advanced Search web page
1. In the “Since this Date” textual content field, type the start date. Use the layout yyyy-mm-dd. You can also click on on the calendar icon and choose from a date.
2. In the “Until this Date” textual content box, type end date. Use the equal layout as above, yyyy-mm-dd, or click the calendar icon.
Three. Enter any other seek statistics vital.
4. Click search.
To perform the identical venture as above, however within the available Search box, displayed on the Twitter Home screen, use the following  operators
• Since Use this operator observed by means of date in yyyy-mm-dd layout to specify start date.
• Until Use this operator followed via date inside the yyyy-mm-dd layout to specify the cease date.
Example April Fool’s Day on April 1, 2009 the operator might resemble
“april idiot’s day” since2009-04-01 until2009-04-02
Use every operator on its personal to restrict the hunt outcomes on one quit handiest, or use them collectively to set a date range.
Locating Tweets That Contain Links
For many experienced Twitter lovers, the most crucial tweets are those that include links to distinct websites, due to the fact there may be more to read, more hobby, and extra amusing. So it is tremendous for the Twitter search engine to include an alternative that lets you specify that it have to only show tweets that comprise links.
Here is how to use this option for the Advanced Search Page
1. Select the “Containing Links” take a look at field
2. Enter your different search standards
three. Click Search
To get your Search box go back best tweets with hyperlinks, encompass “filterlinks” as a part of your seek. Here is an instance of a seek on the word ‘internet marketing’ and blanketed filterlinks to discover some cool hyperlinks Internet marketing filterlinks
It is that easy and easy to use. I even have additionally proven you two approaches to do each seek so experience gambling with Twitter.