Online Personal Trainers What’s Your Take? For? Against?

You want to start an exercise program.

So, to start the ball rolling……

You think of going to the gym.

But you’re strapped for time.

Then of course you kick your butts hard to do it on your own, at home.

But you realize you need herculean motivation to move you from inertia to action and it’s a hard, lonely journey ……

Thereafter, you try to look for friends and family members to partner you.

But they and you are not like-minded in the area of exercise……

So you’re left on the same spot, not moving from day 1, the day you decided you want to exercise.

Been there, right?

Actually, there could be a solution for you in this.


By hiring an online personal trainer. To start you off.

Do you buy the idea when I tell you that online personal trainers can give you the right amount of motivation and direction to help you start an exercise program?

That they custom-design exercise program and meal plans that tailor to your body type and body needs, throw in mentoring and supporting advice, track your performance and pull you up to your mark, if you fall off the track?

You’d say: “I don’t believe they do that!”

Oh, they do. The good, solid professional ones, that is.

And believe it or not, you won’t have to pay tons to get them either.

You’ll be able to get value for the money spent.

Let’s do a comparison of sorts here:

1. If you sign up a gym membership, you’d probably pay, say $50 – $100 per month

2. If you hire a physical trainer, you probably need to pay an hourly fee of $100 – $120

3. But if you sign-on an online personal trainer, you probably pay a monthly fee that’s as low as under $30

A decent charge here, I would say, hiring an online personal trainer.

This is in exchange for customized exercised program with healthy meal plans throw in to help you lose weight. Plus mentoring, supporting advice, motivation and the “nib at the butt” push tactic to nudge you along to exercise.

I know it’s a momentous step to start an exercise program. I’m sure you want to do it right, enjoy it and in return have a lean, healthy body. Online personal trainers could be your best bet to get you started.

A good trainer will propel you not only to exercise, but also coach you sufficiently to do it on your own, once you decide to leave the trainer’s “nest”.

A good trainer also motivates you when you’re off track, encourages you when you’re down because of poor or less than at-par results as well as brings you up to the desired performance level.

The Case for Online Personal Trainers

I’m not trying to extol the virtues of online personal trainers here.

You see, these facts remain –

1. They save you quite a bit of money. We’ve seen that.

2. They save you time. You don’t waste time fixing up appointment with your “physical” personal trainer, traveling to the gym, waiting around for your turn when your trainer’s busy

Just get online, access your exercise program, and there you go meet your “virtual” trainer!

3. They give you “full time” coaching 24/7, no matter where you’re. Imagine, you can workout even if you’re vacationing or on business trips overseas

4. They give you custom-design exercise program that tailors to your body type and body needs. You won’t be getting one-size-fits-all program that doesn’t fit you

5. They give you full control over where you want to exercise – at the gym, at home, at the work place, in your kitchen, bedroom, garden, backyard….you name it

6. They give timely response to any of your exercise problems and issues, vide e-mails or phone calls

7. They guide you to eat a healthy, nutritious weight loss diet. Though not nutritionists per se, online personal trainers are quite well-knowledged in the area of nutrition

8. They give you the result you want – that’s the most revitalising aspect of hiring an online personal trainer

The Case against Online Personal Trainers

OK, online personal trainers aren’t the perfect lot.

I can think of several reasons why you won’t sign them up:

1. You doubt whether you could trust the personal trainer mentor (a total stranger) enough, to discuss your body , health and fitness issues

2. Online personal trainers train by virtual means i.e. every aspect of the training is done online without them having to come into physical contact with you. You’d questioned the effectiveness of this kind of training

3. You fear the misfortune of hiring unqualified trainers with questionable credentials and dubious character, dishing out unsound and unprofessional exercise advice, which may harm your body or health

4. You’re wary of underhanded tactics that could compromise your health and fitness levels, such as they don’t evaluate your training results to assess your progress but tell you they do or they don’t custom-design an exercise program that fits your body type but tell you they do

5. It will be hard to know if you do the exercise movements correctly as the trainer is not there physically to guide you

Well, not to worry too much about the above “against” factors.

What I want to share here is that online personal trainers can be effective, providing you with proper training and guidance regarding exercise.

The trick is to find one who’s good and trustworthy, plus having these attributes:

1. Certified and qualified to train with certification from well-established fitness organizations such as International Sports Sciences Association (ISSA) and the American Council of Exercise (ACE)

2. Qualities you can relate to such as listening to you and always has a positive aptitude and attitude in all dealings with you

3. Regularly comes up with new exercises that won’t compromise your safety

4. Provides sample exercise plan that sets out the sets, repetitions, intensity and frequency of exercise. Also provides a method for visually communicating proper exercise technique

5. Establishes accountability by tracking, assessing and evaluating your performance regularly, to keep you on track with your exercise goal that’s been agreed on between you and the trainer

6. Sincere, honest and shows keen interest in your well being in exercise, health and fitness

7. You feel comfortable with the trainer. This is important as a relationship of trust between you and the trainer can then be nurtured

What’s Your Take Then?

Whether you’re for or against online personal trainers, the important fact remains –

That you need to exercise. Period.

It doesn’t really matter by what route you want to do it.

And online personal trainers are one of the many good options for you if you just start out to exercise.

The thing to do- if you opt for online training, select a trainer whom you’re comfortable with and confident in his or her ability to help you achieve your exercise, health and fitness goals.