Two campuses, multiple diploma options and a diverse and worldwide class set INSEAD aside. When you method this set of essays, ensure you’re ready to provide an explanation for your career plans in detail, and highlight any International stories in your background reviews.

INSEAD focuses separately on the job and private portion of your MBA application essays, searching for to understand candidate’s cutting-edge profession role in element earlier than delving into the personal thing. Though profession is protected in numerous essays as opposed to one, you should make certain that every one of the essays paintings coherently collectively. As INSEAD states on the website: “We compare every applicant in opposition to four crucial standards: management capacity and work enjoy; educational capability; worldwide motivation; and capacity to contribute to the INSEAD enjoy.”

Job Description Essays

Essay 1. Briefly summarise your modern (or maximum recent) job, such as the character of labor, important obligations, and, where relevant, personnel below your supervision, length of budget, customers/merchandise and results achieved.

This question must recognition absolutely on your cutting-edge (or maximum recent) paintings state of affairs. Though you will need to offer relevant context on your contemporary role, make sure you’re devoting maximum of the essay to describing the information of your everyday responsibilities and oversight. If you’re lighter on supervising others or managing a budget, you’ve got the opportunity to focus on some key duties and effects.

When you are composing this essay make sure you consciousness on what you uniquely have contributed to the role, instead of reciting the activity description. What have you executed this is above and past?

Essay 2. Please supply a full description of your profession considering that graduating from university. If you were to remain along with your gift employer, what might be your subsequent step in phrases of function?

This is largely a walk-through of your resume using the essay layout to permit you to offer a unifying thread through the narrative. INSEAD is looking for to apprehend your profession trajectory and how you’ve got grown and improved via your profession. Think about the choices you have made on your career, and how your past studies have mixed to provide you with your modern talent set. If you have a reasonably truthful career course you can take the opportunity to touch upon some of the learnings from each function. The 2d part of the query additionally desires to be spoke back. Think approximately the subsequent step at your activity, and in which you may land in case you did no longer leave to pursue an MBA. While that is a sincere query, you can want to illustrate which you cannot get wherein you need to head from here “” and that you will need an MBA to attain your dreams.

Essay 3. If you are currently no longer working, what are you doing and what do you intend to do till you start the MBA programme if relevant? (250 phrases most)

If you are not hired in the interim, you may want to reply this question to expose how you are utilizing your time with out complete time employment. Ideally you’re currently concerned in an hobby this is going to similarly your profession or private goals at the moment. The satisfactory answer is one that shows you are self-motivated and do now not need paid work to preserve developing yourself.

Perhaps you are volunteering in a non-income that is related to your profession goals. Maybe you are operating with a friend on a begin-up. Or you are consulting and constructing contacts for your enterprise. If you are out of labor only in brief, it is also flawlessly reasonable to be pursuing journey or other sports that expand your worldwide consciousness and angle. However, make sure that your sports can tie back to your lengthy-time period desires or other key elements of your software strategy.


Essay 1. Give a candid description of your self (who are you as a person), stressing the personal characteristics you sense to be your strengths and weaknesses and the main elements that have encouraged your personal improvement, giving examples whilst important. (six hundred phrases max.)

Strengths and weaknesses are a not unusual topic for MBA packages. This is a exquisite opportunity to spotlight a number of your talents and attributes that demonstrate management, teamwork or other qualities with the intention to power your future career fulfillment.

Demonstrating self-focus and the potential to evaluate your personal performance may be dazzling. While examples aren’t required, keep in mind that adcomm is studying a huge quantity of essays and that concrete examples are each smooth to recognize, and can help you stand proud of the crowd.

When describing weaknesses you’ll need to cognizance on the ones weaknesses that you have taken concrete steps to cope with, or which have been a path to studying extra about yourself. Often strengths and weaknesses are sides of the same coin, in which case you can even tie your key weaknesses in your key strengths. Because it’s miles frequently tough to write down approximately one’s weaknesses this is an especially important essay to proportion with others to seek remarks on tone and effect.

Essay 2. Describe the fulfillment of which you are most proud and give an explanation for why. In addition, describe a situation where you failed. How did those studies impact your relationships with others? Comment on what you found out. (400 phrases max.)

This essay is an possibility to exhibit certainly one of your maximum essential achievements. Impressive achievements that stand on their very own are first rate, but you’ll need to pay equal interest to explaining why these accomplishments are treasured to you.

If you concisely give an explanation for the accomplishment and how you were able to bring it to fruition, you’ll have room to provide the context to your personal pride inside the accomplishment. If you don’t have an success that you think is distinctly amazing for your personal attention particularly on what is critical to you and an example that shows the sports you value.

The turn side of fulfillment is failure, and INSEAD wants to apprehend how you view both. When drawing close any failure essay it’s essential to use a real failure that has emotional resonance for you. An accomplishment framed as a failure can be easy to look via and will not display whatever approximately your adulthood or capacity to develop.

Your failure ought to be real, and additionally some thing that led you to develop or study. If you could describe how you’ve got changed your technique because of the failure this is an terrific final results.

The 0.33 part of the essay deals with how these experiences impacted the others around you and what you learned. Whether you had been part of a group or the main impact turned into on a cherished one, this a part of the essay encourages you to step out of doors your personal narrative of achievement and failure and think about how you have impacted other people through your actions.

Most obviously a achievement caused happiness from a crew or a supervisor, while a failure turned into disappointing to those around you. However, your specific achievement or failure ought to have caused a mastering revel in on your team, an possibility for a person else, or a risk so as to be in the direction of another man or woman thru a crew assignment. Think creatively approximately this element.

Note that your application to INSEAD ideally covers both the personal and professional. This essay will be an possibility on this essay set to bring in a brand new attitude for your profile through describing one in every of your most sizable accomplishments outside of labor.

Essay 3. Tell us approximately an revel in wherein you have been drastically impacted by way of cultural diversity, in a positive or bad way. (300 words max.)

This essay should reveal your recognition of the world outdoor your personal ethnic or cultural identification. INSEAD is a fairly worldwide program and seeks candidates that each display and cost variety.

This will be an possibility to highlight any global or cross lifestyle exposure you have had including touring out of doors your property u . S ., or when experiencing variety inside your property us of a.

When you describe the enjoy and decide it to be both wonderful or poor it’ll be crucial to offer some person context. Every applicant from INSEAD is coming from a unique history and from many one of a kind international locations. Your belief of high quality or poor cultural diversity could be a view into the way you have interaction with the arena.

For example, you could view the dearth of range in a place of work or school environment as a tremendous negative, or perhaps you had an revel in of being the simplest “various” character in a piece or private scenario.

On the superb facet possibly you found out greater about others via a brand new cultural enjoy or via crew building with a collection of humans distinctive from yourself. Where you’re coming from could be the figuring out aspect in phrases of what reviews are ultimately tremendous or negative.

At all instances recollect the surroundings at INSEAD and what your essay is saying approximately your capacity to match in among a distinctly diverse organization of people.

Essay 4. Describe all forms of more-professional activities in that you were or are nonetheless worried for a considerable quantity of time (golf equipment, sports activities, music, arts, politics, and many others). How are you enriched by way of those activities? (300 phrases max.)

Nothing is extra private than what you choose to do outside of faculty or work. What are the maximum meaningful interests you’ve got spent it slow on? You need to both describe the principle pursuits you have out of doors of your expert interests and provide an explanation for why they are meaningful to you and why you spend time on them.

Ideally you can additionally explain how you may hold your involvement even as at INSEAD and cite some specific clubs or businesses wherein you notice your pastimes contributing to the network.

Optional Essay: Is there anything else that turned into now not included in your utility which you would really like to share with the admissions committee? (three hundred words max.)

This essay is 350 phrases you may use for whatever you would like to exhibit and which you had been unable to paintings into the rest of your utility. Because INSEAD’s questions are pretty thorough you can have covered all factors of your candidacy and private characteristics within the other five essay questions, wherein case you could experience comfy skipping this query (it IS non-compulsory).

If you probably did now not have a place for an thrilling interest, new aspect of your history to describe, or key accomplishment, it can be appropriate to use this space to tell that story.

It is some distance better to fully give an explanation for any issues to your software than to go away the admissions committee to guess what befell. If you have got any hard aspects in your candidacy like a low GPA or a failing grade in college, that is the appropriate place to address those concerns. Explain your issue truly and recognition most of the essay at the correction for the issue.

For example, if you had a disciplinary trouble in college, spend maximum of the essay demonstrating which you discovered from the enjoy and had been an excellent citizen ever when you consider that rather than focusing at the negative. Avoid blaming every person else on your problem, and relentlessly show why this one incident is on your past and could stay there.

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