Hoax Content And Tight Grip By Facebook Is Reducing Instagram’s Instagram-Ness

Instagram, the photo-sharing app owned by Facebook, it’s going through a lot right now. It first came up in the news over a disturbing hoax. An image claiming that Instagram is going to make all photos, messages, and contents public and eligible to be used in court case unless declared otherwise by users.

It’s was fake, but many eminent personalities believed in that. Soon enough, the digital industry exposed the falsity of the hoax. But this incident shows how prone to hoax people are!

Paris Martineau talks to Gordon Pennycook, a professor of behavioural science. According to him, people are getting partly dumber due to the increasing effects of social media.

Facebook’s Tight Grip On Instagram

Except for the fake news, Instagram has also been an issue of interest recently due to the changes in its structure. The Information’s revealing new report is a recounting of the time since Mike Krieger, and Kevin Systrom left their creation in the hands of Mark Zuckerberg.

As per Alex Heath, Adam Mosseri, who is Mark Zuckerberg’s deputy, is the one in-charge to bring changes to Instagram. Its popularity is so very high that people buy Instagram likes.

According to Heath, most of the senior members of Instagram’s leadership has been replaced. Facebook has also ordered to roughly double up the advertisements in number. Also, the team is working on the technical setting of messaging services of Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram.

If the mass exodus of employees originally attached to Instagram remains unchanged, there is a risk that the app will no longer hold the qualities that made it special in the first place. However, the stats of the app is skyrocketing. In 2016, the division hit one billion dollars for the first time. In the present year, it is expected to generate 15.8 billion dollars. It is nearly a quarter of Facebook’s total revenue.

Instagram Losing Its Uniqueness

Tight control of Facebook and changes in the leading panel have made Instagram changed. For starters, the huge amount of advertisements and shopping links are visible changes. Extreme focus on shopping maybe a stepping stone to turn the app into a shopping catalogue.

Instagram is Facebook’s one of the most valuable assets. In the past, the parent company has always supported and accelerated Instagram’s growth. But the current changes of the scenario and also altered focus on the main contents has caused turbulence to generate. The primary focus of users used to be get followers on Instagram. But now the stress is on advertisements and users are drawn to shopping more than ever. It is still to be seen if Facebook’s influence and control are still as beneficial for the app in the future as it was in the past.