Darwin-Evolutionism – Undeniable Astronomic Improbabilities Despite Secular Claims of Proven Fact!

Darwin-Evolution Theory

Charles Darwin, in 1859, published his very tremendous principle about evolution: an unintended spark of unique lifestyles from lightning striking a pool of pre-biotic soup, random mutations of lifestyles forms, small cumulative steps over eons of time; and continuous herbal selection via “survival of the fittest”. The whole non-religious world became believers, and scientists anxiously sought to find the primary “lacking link” – fossils which could show Darwin’s idea. However, a century surpassed and tens of thousands of fossils had been dug up, tested and documented – but no such evidence become determined. (However, his theories do observe thoroughly after the authentic species has – by some means – come to existence!) Universal Darwinism

Despite this lack of confirmation, however, a fundamental bias, favoring Evolution by means of leaders and intellectuals everywhere, took root, has grown and keeps today, nurtured by a tendency of the secular elite to publicize items of support and to negatize opposite findings. The result has been a technology of “brainwashed” instructors, students, writers, judges and the general public – “Darwin-Evolutionism” being regular as truth (and belief in “God” or a Creator dismissed as infantile). Even folks who understand in any other case normally “pass along” to avoid ridicule, including to the standard belief-system. This, notwithstanding growing scientific challenges – such as a critical loss of fossil corroboration plus contradicting medical facts during latest a long time – casting doubt on Darwin idea. Thus, maximum educated people today agree with in Darwin-Evolutionism and reject the possibility of a writer, regardless of gathering evidence that there may be less and much less of Science disagreeing with the Bible, and an increasing number of of actual confirmations!

Secular Elitist Views
The writings of columnist Richard Cohen of the Washington Post on Darwin-Evolutionism are consultant of the wondering and attitude of most (non-scientist) erudite writers and steerers of public concept:

“Darwin, visiting the Galapagos Islands in 1835, was shocked with the aid of what he noticed and evolved a theory to provide an explanation for it all – herbal selection.”
“Creationism – [is] a count of non secular perception .. No longer scientific principle or fact.”
“highbrow honesty counts for less and less. .. [or] highbrow integrity.”
“The current and ongoing assault on evolution, is an assault, on thinking and truth and skepticism.
Similar perspectives of the liberal elite have regarded in all leading newspapers and magazines, evidencing a clear mind-set of conceited superiority, terms consisting of “highbrow honesty and integrity” and the dismissal of “creationism” abound.

Even more scathing than Cohen’s column, the New Yorker’s “Talk of the Town” featured an editorial by using Hendrick Hertzberg, not-too-subtly entitled “Mired”. It ostensibly argued the aggressive theories of Darwinism and Creationism – labeling the latter “mud concept” (mentioning Genesis, “.. Water . . And the Lord fashioned guy of the dust”. (The apparent explanation: “mud is what you get while you upload water to dirt.”) Sophisticated and humorous, the article ridicules Creationism,
Hertzberg’s statements and the feedback they invite:

“The dust concept continues to be dominant inside the United States” “A competing principle .. Conceived a century and a half in the past through Charles Darwin .. Instructions strong majorities in maximum of the developed global .. Overwhelming evidence for its validity .. Near-unanimous guide of scientists everywhere.” Comment: The statements: “over-whelming proof of its validity” and “near-unanimous support of scientists” are each strenuously challenged with the aid of many scientists.
Equates “herbal science and supernatural supposition as exclusive schools of idea.” Comment: Denigrating the popularly-believed “biblical idea of Creationism” as most effective “supernatural supposition” – appears a gratuitous insult to the massive majority of religious Americans!
“ID (Intelligent Design) acknowledges that the age of the universe is measured in billions, not lots of years.” Comment: Apparently neither Mr. Hertzberg nor his editors are familiar with Einstein’s regulation of “time dilation” (Law of Relativity), and appear unknowing approximately what Science says occurred at the start of our universe (See Ezine article, “Big Bang – Beginning of Universe: 13.7 Billion Years Ago (Earth time – vs six days Cosmic and Bible time!)”.
“But I.D. – whose significant (and without problems refuted) talking factor is that certain systems of living matters are too problematic to have developed with out the intervention of an “sensible designer” – enjoys definitely no scientific guide. ” Comment: “Easily refuted” and “genuinely no scientific guide”? It would be interesting for Mr. Hertzberg and his editors to refute the arguments of so many fantastic scientists – analyzing the sections herein on the mathematical improbabilities for lifestyles by way of random threat mutations (Darwin-Evolutionism).
Fear of Pro-Darwinist Intolerance

Noteworthy has been the impact of worry of the dominant and an increasing number of illiberal secular global-view, its unwillingness to accept contrary clinical tendencies, and accordingly – for the ones whose paintings tends to venture Darwinism – a problem for personal reputations and careers, even for international-elegance scientists.

A century ago, Dr. C. Walcott, Director of the Smithsonian Institute, did the “unthinkable” for a paleontologist – he re-hid 60,000 fossils that he had simply discovered within the Burgess Pass of the Canadian Rockies. Under a tropical sea 530 million years ago, the sand so best, that smooth tissue changed into preserved, the 60,000 fossils have been the best find ever. Walcott, but, did not submit his findings and deliver them to the world, however concealed them again inside the Smithsonian’s basement lockers (re-located by using a graduate-student after nearly a century.) He did so due to the fact the sixty-thousand first-ever fossils confirmed completely-formed creatures of all extant lifestyles forms – now not a single missing-hyperlink or inter-step creature! The Burgess Pass fossils show that the fossil record does not aid Darwinian idea. Walcott obviously involved that his findings should break even his popularity and career.

A bit later, even Professor Albert Einstein acted similarly in regard to his expanding universe Field Equations – eventually showed by using the Hubble astronomical observations. An expanding universe supposed a “shrinking” universe as one considered the beyond. And with out length hindrance, Einstein’s concept could consequently mean that the start of our universe changed into but a tiny speck – this sort of attention became certain to evoke the concept of the biblical Genesis story, opposite to his personal ideals and the secular international-view of Darwin-Evolutionism – possibly ruinous to his career. Einstein, therefore, additionally did the “unthinkable” – he included a “fudge issue” so his mathematical universe would be consistent in size! After the irrefutable astronomical evidence of an expanding universe, he admitted his motion as “the biggest blunder of my lifestyles.”

In present-day college systems, Boards of Education and courts, encouraged with the aid of aggressive secularist ACLU et al, have hooked up the study room curriculum – teach only Darwin-Evolutionism. Teachers who do now not move along are being expelled.

Pro-Darwin Scientists, Frank and Honest!

The objections by way of civic and college leaders to the teaching of Intelligent Design as an change to Darwin-Evolutionism principle, has resulted in a developing controversy, with a flurry of articles purporting to aid the pro-Darwin court docket rulings. However, it is quite informative to examine such articles by means of clinical authorities within the fields of relevance: biology, chemistry, biochemistry. Paleontology, and so on., and – despite the conviction via these intellectual elite that D-E is validated truth – find out the lack of such proof! Each progressive bit of knowledge of Life’s origins obtained for the duration of the past centuries appears to uncover most effective deeper mysteries. The escalating complexity of researcher’s reports have become more and more multifaceted. Listed below are rates from pro-D-E scientists which spotlight the fact that D-E isn’t proven truth and, in all probability, can not ever be demonstrated. (Adding to this, there’s nevertheless the overwhelming mathematical improbabilities through scientists who venture each an unintended foundation and a Darwinian mutational development for existence on Earth. Note. The compounding complexities of the research tries and arcane hypotheses are presented inside the supply reference e-book; as are also the for my part quoted scientist-authors)

The following costs are by using seasoned-Darwin scientists – refuting the claims with the aid of secularists that D-E- is established technology – in spite of a hundred seventy five years of studies, the concept remains engulfed in mysteries:

“Life could not have evolved without a genetic mechanism – capable of save, reflect, and transmit to progeny records [as do RNA, DNA]”;
“.. Most sober attempts to reconstruct life .. [are] fraught with guesswork. ”
“RNA meets requirements, but is incredibly risky. A self-catalyzing, self-replicating RNA molecule is not going to have arisen spontaneously. So where did it come from?”
“.. Cooked” by way of a few unknown electricity after being” chemically combined in a pre-biotic soup”.
“..Perhaps existence’s precursor molecules formed .. In a soup of prehistoric organic compounds 4 billion years ago.”
“The hypothesis that a pre-biotic soup fostered an RNA world .. Then spawned life, nevertheless .. Maximum coherent .. Lifestyles’s evolution .. [but] exact pathway for life’s origin .. Never be acknowledged.”
“How did genetic polymers [RNA] come to direct protein synthesis in [the] early ecosystem?”
.. Seasoned-D-E scientists .. Global’s maximum-knowledgeable – Crick, co-discoverer of DNA (admitted agnostic, willing to atheism). “From Watson-Crick base pairings .. Molecular biologists .. Protein synthesis .. Maximum not likely.”
“Ten years later…Crick invoked ‘sequence hypothesis’ .. DNA .. Expressed [as] .. Message and code .. Remained difficult to understand .. [the] spelling of .. The message and [its] mechanism.”
“Mechanism conceived as .. Single-stranded RNA .. [the] messenger. Jacob and Monom argued [against] .. Information of code, sixty-four codons govern twenty amino acids .. Info obscure. No .. Direct connection among .. RNA and amino acids.”
Crick wrote, “If consider physico-chemical nature of amino acid aspect chains, do not locate .. Capabilities .. Wherein are .. Knobby hydrophobic surfaces .. [or] charged agencies? ” .. Caused end .. “nucleic acids not shape templates for amino acids, consequently statistics contained – wisdom of the species – needed to be expressed .. As code”.
In 1969 .. Adapters .. Located .. Twenty specific [as] ‘transfer RNA’ .. Raised query, ‘What acted to conform the adapters to amino acids? ‘ ..
Amino acylation [designated] tRNA – ribosome .. Replication to Transcription to Translation .. Proceeds [only] one path .. Familiar [enigma] parent ‘chicken and egg. ‘Without amino acid -‘tRNA’ .. No translation from RNA – with out DNA, no synthesis .. Suggests lifestyles comes handiest from lifestyles. Which got here first, hen – form of DNA, or egg – shape of proteins? And if neither, how should life have began? ” “hypotheses .. Bird was egg.”
Discovery of ribozyme .. Ribonucleic enzyme .. An entire international of RNA. “This account .. Now not delusion. But it isn’t always yet reality.”
Miller-Urey .. Skilled geochemists .. Reservations.” “.. Pre-biotic ecosystem greater .. Impartial than reductive .. Little methane .. Good buy of carbon dioxide.” “..Remained embarrassing secret ..” “The trouble .. Troubling. Recent paper in Science .. Pre-biotic atmosphere .. Significantly in errors.” Crick: “Either a reducing atmosphere or [we do] not have .. Natural compounds [as] required for life.”
“Among questions .. Nitrogenous base cytosine. Not a trace .. [in] meteors, comets or Antarctic -nor produced .. In pre-biotic chemistry. Beyond dwelling cells .. Not determined at all.”
“1999 Proceedings, Nat’l Acad. Of Science, R. Shapiro – Robertson-Miller idea – cytosine – went nowhere.” “..Fall to 0 (zero) percent ..” “.. Robertson-Miller chemical response “..Self-defeating .. Contingent on not likely circumstances.”
“.. Complicated sugars also needed .. Dextro-ribose .. Chemist A. Eschenmoser altered molecules .. Skeptics cited chemist himself crucial to technique ..”
“Events .. Seem to rely upon [the] huge assumption, unproved, that early environment become reductive.”
“The historical undertaking assigned .. Forming chains of nucleic acids .. Coming across the ones capable of self-reproduction. Without first .. No RNA, with out 2nd .. No life.”
Darwin-Evolution starts with self-replicating, and self-replicating exactly what desires to be defined.”
“To collecting agenda of assumptions, upload greater .. By manner [we] can’t replica .. [how did] pre-biotic molecule discover how [to] replicate itself? ”
Microbiologist, C. Woese, “If nucleic acids can’t .. Apprehend amino acids .. No ‘fundamental precept’.. At paintings.”
“The most hard and hard problem .. Origins of life .. Genetic code .. From a chemical attitude, arbitrary. The different half .. Hobby of the proteins .. Vital. The trouble follows: how did .. The complete machine-get there? ”
” triumphing opinion among molecular biologists is – questions simplest replied with the aid of test. H. Suga experiment .. Ribozime controlled to cleave itself .. Suga summarizing results of studies, “..No extra than .. A feather [being the] basis of a building.
“Darwin perspective .. Impediment: the project of a degree of foresight .. That the process could not in all likelihood possess.”
” prudent to take into account how a great deal has been assumed. [Six assumptions] .. Paradigm revolution .. Metabolism .. Alternative to RNA international .. No evidence [that] it’s miles real.”
“Could steps have taken region concurrently? If so, .. Seems – little or no distinction among a Darwinian rationalization and frank admission .. Miracle at work.”
” nobody has performed test main to self-replicating ribozine. .. Minimum length needed .. Roughly 100 nucleotides. .. Odds 1 in 10 to sixtieth energy .. No having a bet man would take .. [real] odds even worse.”
“175 years for the reason that F. Wohler .. [experiment] urea .. Questions about origins of the mind and of life “.. ‘giant and superb universe .. Not possible .. [to be] result of ‘blind chance’ – we may additionally have to say that ‘mind’ and ‘lifestyles’ seem within the universe for no proper cause that we can ascern. ”
Pro-Darwin Scientists (also Research Complexities)

Pro-Darwinism scientists are properly motivated, usually atheistic, simply unwilling to simply accept the concept of a God or Creator or Intelligent Designer. However, they are honest of their research admissions.

Natural History Magazine, “The Origins of Life”. Feb. 2006; Antonio Lascano, Biology Professor; President, International Society for Study of Origins of Life -amongst global’s most esteemed scientists, committed believer in Darwin-Evolutionism.

Theory from Zoologist Haeckel – first life paperwork plants – micro-organism .. Photosynthesis .. Non-dwelling remember; concept rejected by using Oparin .. Lengthy period a-biotic synthesis organic compounds .. Collect as pre-biotic soup .. Preceding life – providing “organic molecules may want to evolve through fermentation into pre-cell systems .. Could have caused cells .. Consumed pre-biotic soup .. ”
Chemist Wachter-shauser proposed “iron-sulphur” speculation, iron sulfide mixing with hydrogen sulfide, liberating hydrogen .. Natural compounds should shape from carbon monoxide in environment .. “lifestyles” should have started if “self-catalyzing” structures emerged from natural compound”. “Unfortunately, geologic file .. No longer solution questions with the aid of Miller or Wachtershauser .. No understanding of early Earth surroundings, temperature, ocean acidity, ecosystem .. No fossil file of ‘first mobile entities'”.
Theories and experiments with pre-biotic simulation on the grounds that 1807, Proust, Berzeriul, Wohler, Strecker, Butlerov, et al, attempted synthesizing molecules under primitive situations. Miller and Urey, others additionally, verify “amino acids and molecules can shape”, but in spite of more-terrestrial molecules to “spice” pre-biotic soup – “how did unmarried compounds emerge as complicated molecules, then first living entities – remains “maximum tantalizing query in technology.”
Commentary Magazine, “On the Origins of Life”, Feb. 2006, David Berlinski.; massive article, masking whole history of centuries-long tries to create lifestyles in laboratory from inorganic materials of assumed early world surroundings. Starting in 1828 with cyanic acid and ammonia, first synthesis of urea, chief constituent of urine, executed by chemist Wohler. Theories of pre-biotic “soup” of methane and ammonia brought about experiments with electrons of hydrogen atoms, electrical discharges replicating lightning, after which to Miller-Urey test in 1953. Earlier, Watson and Crick posted double helix DNA principle in Nature magazine, “.. Copying mechanism .. For genetic fabric.” Watson-Crick test seemed a success – amino acids found in residing systems. From promising start, history of guy’s (futile) attempts to “create life” from pre-biotic soup of inorganic depend – exhaustively provided. (Doctorate in biology could be helpful to recognize the up-and-returned steps of complex theories and experiments.) (Note – precis-end same as herein -can not show either manner – but, boundaries to Darwinian idea are insurmountable.)
Quotations of diverse elements of the historical document are from the articles. The exchanges of technical argument emphasizes the complexity and zeal with which seasoned-Darwin scientists push themselves seeking a non-author solution. Other articles at the difficulty are “Monkeys and Morals”, New Republic Magazine, Gertrude Himmelfarb; Discover Magazine, “Testing Darwin”, by means of Carl Zimmer.

Scientists and Mathematicians Challenging D-E idea

“In the 5-million-year transition, pre-Cambrian to Cambrian existence, the basic anatomy of every animal alive evolved. Massive morphological modifications were required in every a part of the ancestral genome. … [yet] no evidence of evolution inside the 5-million-year span of the Cambrian explosion.”
Cambrian explosion of lifestyles is one of the best discoveries – 530 million years in the past – “basic anatomies of all lifestyles forms extant today regarded simultaneously in the oceans.”
“No seasoned-Darwin evidence inside the fossil document – neither fossils nor form of lifestyles offer proof of one species converting into every other, or improvement of complex life from in advance, less complicated forms.”
“The explosion of life recorded inside the Burgess Shale fossils contradicted .. Gradualism” (evolution idea of Darwin – cumulative random mutations).
“Approximately 250 million years in the past, 95 percent of all marine life suffered a big extinction – ecology extensive open .. Yet no new body plans developed to fill ecological gap. Why?”
“Every paleontologist is aware of .. New species, genera and households .. Appear abruptly, now not with the aid of gradual, continuous transitional sequences. ”
“A most important hassle in proving concept of evolution – fossil document never revealed Darwin’s hypothetical intermediate variants – rather species appear and disappear unexpectedly – fuels the argument – every species created by way of God.”
“Paleontologists – not seeing anticipated modifications .. Fossils recognizably the equal .. Acknowledged to paleontologists lengthy earlier than Darwin [who] prophesized destiny generations could fill the gaps .. A hundred and twenty years later, abundantly clear .. Fossil document shows prediction incorrect .. Species static .. Everybody knew it however desired to disregard it. Paleontologists, obstinately refusing to yield Darwin’s predictions, actually regarded the opposite way.”
“Eldredge-Gould concept of punctuated equilbria gained extensive popularity amongst paleontologists .. [Darwinism] fails to account for paradox: inside constantly sampled lineages, not often [the] slow morphological developments predicted – alternate happens with surprising appearance of new well-differentiated species.”
“Modern multicellular animals – first look in the fossil record 570 million years ago – with a bang. Cambrian explosion – introduction of clearly all foremost groups of modern animals – all inside minuscule span (geologically) of some million years.”
“The fossil file precipitated Darwin more grief than joy. Nothing distressed him more than Cambrian explosion – coincident appearance of almost all complicated organic designs.”
“Paleontologists long privy to contradiction among Darwin’s postulate of gradualism and actual findings of paleontology .. No evidence for any trade of species into exclusive genus, or for starting place of an evolutionary novelty. Anything simply novel constantly appears abruptly within the fossil document.”
“In the entire fossil document, with millions of specimens, no halfway transitional fossil ever determined at the basic degrees of phylum or class.”
“If lifestyles had advanced into its wondrous profusion of creatures grade by grade, Dr. Eldredge argues, one might expect to find fossils of transitional creatures, a piece like what went before, a bit like what came after. But no one has located any proof of such transitional creatures – oddity attributed to gaps within the fossil report – predicted to fill while rock strata of right age have been located. In ultimate decade, but, geologists have found rock layers of all divisions of past six hundred million years – no transitional forms. ”
“Given that evolution, in keeping with Darwin – follows, logically, that the fossil document need to be rife with examples of transitional paperwork leading from the much less to the extra developed. Instead – simplest gaps – no proof of transformational intermediates between species.”
“Is best one genetic device potential? Based on all biological and paleontological statistics, that appears to be the case. Why”
“The absence of fossil proof for intermediate levels between fundamental transitions in organic design, indeed our incapacity, even in imagination, to construct functional intermediates .. Persistent, nagging problem for gradualist money owed of evolution.”
“Biology has discovered that existence began after look of liquid water.. 3 billion years later, animal lifestyles exploded in a burst of aquatic organisms, all phyla alive nowadays.”
“Contrary to scientific opinion held until currently, fossil facts reveal that first easy plant life appeared immediately after liquid water, no longer billions of years later. ”
“The fossil evidence .. Demanding situations conventional evolution .. Found international-extensive … The Cambrian explosion encompassed the globe. Jointed legs ,. Eyes with optically perfect lenses – all advanced simultaneously [for] all frame plans extant today – unmarried burst inside the fossil report. ”
“Darwin’s concept incompatible with present day scientific facts.”
With regard to birds and wings, earliest fossil statistics .. “studies by means of paleontologists and biologists provide no clue [re] developmental origins – wings emerge all of sudden .. Completely advanced. ”
“The complete Museum of Natural History in London – entire phase dedicated to Evolution – not a unmarried case with a morphological change – daisies and moths alternate coloration, however remain daisies and moths.”
“Transitional bureaucracy completely absent from fossil report at primary level of phylum. Only after frame plans are mounted are fossil transitions found”; “Inter-phylum improvement [proven] fake with the aid of the fossil report”.
“Convergent evolution” – emergence of organs comparable in characteristic in differing species. Most brilliant, eye; gene that controls development – the identical in all phyla, an fantastic opportunity Molecular biology proves “the equal gene (one of fifty,000-70,000) controls improvement of all visual systems in phyla of all living creatures. ”
“Humans … About 70,000 genes …And about 70,000 proteins. All mammals – comparable .. Proteins – “strings” [each] among two hundred and 1000 amino acids … Hence fifty to seventy million amino acids…[for animal] structures – make up thirty trillion cells of a human. Can this without a doubt be believed to be the result of simply random choice? ”
“Scientists point out that random mutations need to work both ways – crumble a brand new compound or increase from simple to complicated” (if “moral sincere”). Mathematical estimates [for] random reactions according to Darwin – sincerely now not sufficient time!”
“Whether reading bacteria, a blade of grass or a human, all base their existence on the equal 20 amino acids.
“The lungfishes, like every main organization of fishes .. Origins based totally on nothing. ”
“Animal lifestyles confined to thirty-four fundamental body plans – why? ”
“It is a easy ineluctable truth that without a doubt all participants of a biota stay strong .. At some stage in period. ”
H. Morowitz, Professor of Physics, Yale University; “Random activities cannot account for the beginning of lifestyles. ”
“Michael Behe, makes compelling argument against “macro-evolution .. The intricacy of sub-cellular biochemical systems .. “macro-evolution can’t perform on the microcellular stage” – proving point using 5 systems within the body – “any minute alternate causes extraordinarily specialised machinery of the cellular inoperable. From sub-cell angle, impossible for a bacterium to adapt into organism with complex biochemical structures due to their irreducibly complicated mechanisms, regardless of how an awful lot time to be had!”
“Paleontological information is regular with the view that each one presently identified phyla evolved 525 million years in the past. Despite half of billion years .. No new phylum level designs have regarded. ”
“Eldredge and Gould .. Take the [fossil] file at face value. .. No proof of modification within species, or .. Intermediate among species, because [believe] neither happened – species shape nearly right now – continue to be unchanged.”
“We have lengthy acknowledged of stasis and abrupt appearance .. Have chosen to fob it off on imperfect fossil file.”
“Paleontologists ever given that Darwin searched for sequences [of] fossils .. A startling truth that most species continue to be recognizable, absolutely unchanged .. In geological sediments.”
“The overwhelming incidence of stasis – an embarrassing function of fossil report – high-quality overlooked.”
“Paleontologists not seeing the expected changes – fossils remain recognizably the equal .. Recognised to paleontologists lengthy before Darwin .. [he] prophesized destiny .. Would fill in gaps .. 120 years later, abundantly clean .. Fossil document indicates prediction wrong.”
“The record jumps, and all evidence indicates .. File is actual, gaps reflect actual occasions in lifestyles’s records, now not a poor fossil record .. Flatly fails to substantiate .. Expectation of graded change.”
“Despite the brilliant promise – paleontology offers approach of “seeing” evolution – nasty difficulties for evolutionists – maximum notorious – “gaps” [in] fossil document. Evolution calls for intermediate paperwork among species, and paleontology does no longer provide them.”
“The geologic report .. No evidence as to the starting place of fishes. ”
“No fish is notion to be ancestral to earliest land invertebrates. ”
“Scientists have no evidence that lifestyles became now not the result of .. Advent ., however driven to are seeking for reasons [in] natural law. .. No clear-cut answer [how life arose from inanimate matter] because chemists by no means succeeded in advent of lifestyles from non-living count number. Scientists .. Do now not understand .. Appearance of life .. Stunning. Perhaps lifestyles on earth – unique. No medical evidence precludes possibility.”/li>
“With the gain of hindsight, it is top notch that paleontologists have customary sluggish evolution as common sample on a handful of supposedly properly-documented lineages, none of which without a doubt withstands close scrutiny. ”
“Instead of finding the gradual unfolding of life, what geologists .. Genuinely discover is .. Species seem abruptly, display little or no trade for the duration of their existence, then unexpectedly go out of the document. Rarely [is it] clear that their descendants were surely higher tailored than their predecessors. In other words, organic development .. Tough to discover.”
“The pathetic issue is that we’ve scientists looking to show evolution, which no scientist can ever prove. ”
“In other words whilst the assumed evolutionary approaches did not suit .. The sample turned into judged to be wrong. As is now widely known, maximum fossil species seem right now .. Persist for hundreds of thousands of years genuinely unchanged handiest to disappear unexpectedly. Problem is morphological stasis. A theory [Darwin] is simplest as top as its predictions .. Claims to be a comprehensive explanation of evolutionary technique – didn’t are expecting lengthy-term morphological stasis – now identified as maximum striking aspects of fossil report.”
“The beginning of lifestyles remains a thriller – not been validated through experimental recognition, I can’t conceive of any of any bodily or chemical circumstance [which leads to evolution]. I can’t be glad by means of the idea that fortuitous mutation .. Can provide an explanation for the complicated and rational business enterprise of mind, lungs, heart, kidneys, or even joints and muscle mass. How is it viable to break out the idea of some clever and organizing pressure?”
“The paradox [of] -lifestyles’s origins makes spontaneous improvement from inanimate rely not possible: “residing cells want both proteins and nucleic acids: nucleic acids for replication, proteins, to maintain the cell. But neither of these complicated molecules can be produced without the other. ” The maximum effective argument in opposition to Darwinism is – “Both of these notably complicated mechanisms (proteins and nucleic acids) were discovered to be present and absolutely evolved within the earliest regarded residing organisms. ”
“Since the monumental convention on Macro-Evolution held in Chicago in 1980 … Total reevaluation of life’s origins .. World-famous paleontologist, Dr. Niles Eldridge, American Museum of Natural History, unequivocally declared – overwhelming evidence, each statistical and paleontological, [point out] that lifestyles couldn’t have began on Earth by using series of random chemical reactions.”
Physisist Nathan Aviezer: “Except for 3 acts of introduction, the biblical account of .. The universe can be defined in terms of present-day legal guidelines of nature/li>
“There are 10 to the 390th energy possible combinations of proteins, [but] fewer than 2 x 10 to the 12th electricity [permit ‘life’] – consequently only one out of 10 to the 378th power of protein mixtures [permit life] .. Via random mutations on DNA of genome ,, as if nature selected at random from a bag containing a billion, billion, billion (repeated forty times) proteins, the handiest one which labored, and then repeated the trick, again and again…”
“Rediscovery of Walcott’s (hidden) fossils inside the mid-Eighties modified evolutionary idea – scientific journals: Scientific American, National Geographic, Time, many newspapers, e.G. The New York Times, and many others., featuredarticles questioning evolution. However, seemingly all these had no effect at the mind-set of highbrow leaders – all the ones writings in so many predominant newspapers and clinical journals have been reputedly unnoticed – today the excessive faculty textbooks and university biology guides nonetheless train that ‘invertebrates progressively evolve into vertebrates, and judges and columnists still proclaim what they had been taught in their kids.”
(Note: It is submitted that the ultimate item, as well as the facts and arguments of so many main scientists inside the in particular relevant fields of paleontology and biology – that this virtually appears to be evidence of “brain-washing”! It is surely now not technology, sincerely now not purpose nor logic, but can simplest be a willful anti-religion fervor which continues to fuel the enormous perception that Darwin-Evolutionism has been scientifically validated.)
Comparative Analysis: D-E vs I.D.
From the voluminous records above, from the frank admissions of pro-Darwin scientists, to the mathematical improbabilities from hard scientists, it’s far clean that most effective anti-spiritual zeal drives the “Darwinism-is-proven” agenda. Since neither theory can be proved or disproved, with the large improbabilities for D-E, the rational desire must be Intelligent Design.

End – anti D-E improbabilities
While Darwin-Evolutionism may be analyzed from calculations of improbability, there may be no similar method relevant to Design Intelligence or a Creator – a count of spiritual notion or disbelief. However, the analysis of fictional detective Sherlock Holmes to Dr. Watson seems proper on factor: “After you have removed all of the possibilities, then all the opportunities – what you have got left is what you ought to receive.” Thus with the Darwin-Evolutionism (idea of unintentional, haphazard, mutations) eliminated through astronomical improbabilities, the handiest remaining opportunity is “Intelligent Design” – that our international could handiest have come approximately by means of deliberate intelligence, and design.

Aaron Kolom qualifies as a “rocket scientist” with over 50 years aerospace engineering: Stress Analyst to Chief of Structural Sciences on severa navy aircraft, to Corp. Director Structures and Materials, Asst. Chief Engineer Space Shuttle Program through first 3 flights (awarded NASA Public Service Medal), Rockwell International Corp.; Program Manager Concorde SST, VP Engineering TRE Corp.; Aerospace Consultant.

Aaron L. Kolom – from Brainwashed* and Miracles** * The Perceived Mind-Set of the Secular Elite re Darwin Evolutionism! ** To Believe in Them – Have Faith – In Science and Logic!