Amazing Magic Tricks With Money – Review of Royal Magic’s DVD

I’ll be honest with you, I assume “FREE” magic tricks on line are a waste of time. You almost continually need to deliver your e mail, and then you get spammed! These ‘unfastened’ tricks tends to be junk magic that you may in no way even perform and the reasons are commonly horrible. I have discovered the old pronouncing “You get what you pay for” to be true inside the realm of studying magic as properly.

Royal Magic’s DVD title “Amazing Magic Tricks with Money” teaches you how to without difficulty do awesome tricks without a sleight of hand. Just because it’s easy does not imply that you may not get fantastic reactions from those tricks – you’ll. I know I have. Don’t emerge as a magic snob – the nice magic is usually easy magic.

The money and coin magic taught on this DVD require no long practicing periods or complicated moves. Best of all, you may discover ways to do magic with some thing you always have on you – cash. The results are right and the explanation of all of the hints are very well completed and thorough. You will be acting magic hints with money your first day after looking this DVD.

Here are the Money Magic Tricks you may study in this DVD:

Acrobatic Bills
Animated Coin
Counterfeit Bill
Bank Robber Coin Trick
Pencil via Bill
Coin Prediction
Hypnotic Dollar Choice
Serial Number Spy
Jumping Penny
How Many?
Magicien Monaco
Slow Motion Bill Transposition
Four Coin Vanish
Thats whats top notch about this product – it teaches you on DVD format, so you will see what to do. Dave Hudspath does a exquisite job explaining the hints and his preparation and presentation are easy to observe and a laugh to watch.

I give Amazing Magic Tricks with Money a large thumbs up for the start magician. If you are a novice in magic, I could notably advocate this DVD as you may research the magic hints in addition to pick up a few essential techniques of magic that you may apply down the street.

In all you’ll examine over a dozen magic tricks and it is well produced and easy to research. You will should perform a little coaching in advance on most of the tricks, however they’re nicely really worth it as they’re incredibly visual and I’ve gotten first-rate reactions from the hints in this DVD (including pulling one greenback invoice through any other). This DVD is made in America and you may without difficulty select it up for underneath $15 contemporary – thats a touch over a greenback a trick. A plenty better value than wasting cash on net ‘ebooks’ on magic that do not supply!