10 Secrets to Home Renovation

Home renovation projects on your brain? Here are ten things you can do to spice up those rooms:

1. Hire experts.
The simplest recourse, of course, is to get professional help. To find a renovation contractor, Singapore-based, all you need to do these days is go online and search. When it comes to renovation, Singapore has quite a lot of talented designers. However, if you want to do this yourself, then follow the next few tips:

2. Put in new throw pillows, curtains or drapes.  renovation singapore

Sometimes all it takes is changing boring drapes to charming flimsy curtains that make the difference between a dark, gloomy room and an airy one.

3. Change the lights.
Think the room looks depressing? A good, strong light source or even several lights dedicated to a panel or a single painting on the wall often gives the room just the right boost it needs.

4. Paint the walls.
If you think those white walls are starting to get to you, then maybe you need to switch colors. Why not pick a nice blue shade? Cerulean blue is soothing. If you want a bit more drama though, red walls will get the job done.

5. Renovate and repair.
While you’re busy renovating your living room, make sure you don’t neglect basic home repairs. A nice new kitchen is nice but that broken door or window out back isn’t. So make sure you have room to do both.

6. Buy some art.
Not a fan high art? Get posters and have them framed. Then put them up. Posters of your favorite bands, cartoons-the Sesame Street, maybe-or even your favorite films or food shots. Put in one or two or as many as you like and watch those walls come alive.

7. Get some flowers or plants.
You don’t have to make daily trips to the florist. Simple flowers are enough. Maybe even a potted plant, a cactus. You could even try growing a little orange tree in a pot to add some green and color to your home.

8. Put in new floor tiles.
Tired of the cluttered look in your terrace space? Put in wooden floor tiles to replace the pebble wash. It’ll get rid of the grimy look and give that terrace space a clean, refreshing feel.